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Aaron Eckhart Daily

An Aaron Eckhart Picture Community!

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aaron eckhart
Community Rules:
Everytime someone reads the rules, an angel gets its wings!

What Is Allowed Here:

1. The main purpose of the community is for posting Aaron pictures. However, if you've just got a news bit to share or an Aaron-related video, feel free to post!
2. LJ-cuts are your friends. People get really testy if their f-list is invaded by huge pictures and super long articles. Please put these types of items behind cuts. Thumbnails of reasonable size are welcome, of course.
3. Icons are cherished and welcome! (Though your talent may hurt my self-esteem, Aaron!pretties are still wonderful to have.) Please post no more than three for preview, though.
4. Enjoy the community! And please, try not to faint from the hotness of Aaron. If you fear your heart is too weak, please utilize the Buddy System in some way to make sure you receive medical attention in case of an emergency.

The No-Nos of the Community (The Bannables, if you will):

1. No trolling. Trolls will be zapped as efficiently as possible. Disrespectful people will be better off staying under their bridges.
2. No flaming. This sounds like common sense, but some people need to be reminded. Please respect others' opinions and don't channel a toddler when you disagree with someone.

(Community rules modified from the original version at odonnell_daily penned by the always wonderful mirandafox.)

This community is maintained by sneaky_minx. We also welcome any and all affiliates!